Adult Nature Sketch Club Victoria

The Adult Nature Sketch program is similar to our Junior Nature Sketch program, but for adults only (or older, mature teens).This program is an outdoor nature program for beginner adult artists that focuses on sketching and observing wildlife habitats in unique ecosystems. Guided by a sketch artist and a naturalist, this program encourages participants to connect to natural environments in their local community using a pencil and a sketchbook. We will be covering the foundations of drawing such as line, shape, value, gesture & contour drawing.

The cost of the program includes 4 weeks of instructional outings guided by an artist and a naturalist and includes a special Nature Sketch Club book, Nature Sketch Lesson Plans and all sketching materials. The program also includes a final exhibition on the final week (week 5) where the student’s sketches will be framed and hung on display at a local venue. At the end of the exhibition, each participant will take home their framed piece of art.

Appropriate for ages 18+

5 week program, 2.5 hrs per week.

Fall 2018  (Sept. 29 – Nov 3) Instructor: Carey-Lynn Link

*The Victoria Adult Nature Sketch program will alternate between “in – nature” classes and “in – gallery” classes.  In the gallery we will spend time studying Robert Bateman’s artwork, learning techniques and working from reference photos in a more in-depth atmosphere.

Instructor Bios

Time: Saturdays 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Start date: Sept. 29th at The Robert Bateman Centre Gallery

Oct 6: No Class (Thanksgiving Long Weekend)

Oct 13: Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary

Oct. 20: Esquimalt Lagoon

Oct. 27: Gallery

Nov. 3: Final Art Exhibition at the Robert Bateman Centre – (9 am – 11 am)

Cost: $125

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